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Yoga Intuition

Yoga Classes Christchurch – Your Weekly Fuel

Yoga Intuition

Each term we work on a theme. This is like a course, usually over a period of 9 weeks depending on the school terms (there are no classes during the school holidays), and you are welcome to join our yoga studio any time. Our Christchurch yoga classes are suitable for beginners and all levels and are always adjusted to who is attending.

Themed classes ‘Yoga for the Mind’

  • ‘Try Yoga’ Easy Stretching
  • CHAIR Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga ‘Mini-Retreat’

Please check availability on our calendar or find out more about whats on at our yoga studio

Beginner Yoga Class

A great start for your Yoga journey! This 9-Week-Program introduces you to the eight-fold Yogic path and offers you ‘all you need to know’ about Yoga in a holistic way to set you up for a great start.

With time, space and individual attention (max 8 participants) the course provides an optimal learning experience.

  1. New Beginners Morning Course
  2. New Beginners Evening Course

ONE ON ONE Private Yoga Classes Christchurch – The Ultimate Treat

A 1-on-1 session is an individually tailored boost for a good start to your Yoga practice, or helping you to gain insights into your personal needs and how they can be met. It also is a chance to get to know your teacher a bit better and decide whether it is a good fit. It is the ideal way of easing into a Yoga practice when you are a first-timer, it can be optimal support for your personal practice, or supportive for your fitness or recovery journey.

1-on-1 is how Yoga was taught traditionally. Since people are all different, a class environment always is a compromise. 1-on-1 is most effective because it is customised guidance for the best individually tailored experience.

There is a free 1-on-1 single class session of 30 mins available for all students new to my classes. Book your spot!

Our goal is to make you happy.

Welcome to a secure environment where you may explore and develop your own sense of well-being! Our holistic intuitive style is founded on Hatha Yoga, but we are open to influences and inspirations from the vast range of forms and variants available in Yoga today. While helping you along the way, we provide you the opportunity to develop your own particular approach to your Yoga practise, which also seeks to achieve the overarching traditional objective of Yoga practise: freedom for body, mind, and spirit! This is the ultimate yoga experience. Come join our yoga studio now!

Using our intuition with Yoga may help us learn how to listen to our body and gently modify poses to our own requirements. This will improve your general well-being and help you to develop a practise that is truly yours.

Yoga and intuition will constantly urge you to discover your own rhythm and speed, to hold any postures just for as long as it seems appropriate for you, and to relax whenever you choose.

Our Christchurch yoga courses are designed for beginners and intermediate level yogis, and they are constantly changed to meet your needs as well as possible. The approach is intuitive and compassionate, with a demanding edge for healthy growth. We put a lot of effort into making the procedure as pleasant and pleasurable for you as possible! The sessions often begin with a ‘Yoga for the Mind’ sequence and conclude with a guided deep relaxation.